Modular Design

Pick and choose the modules that work for your specific business needs.

Local Support

We provide localised support along with industry expertise.

Software as a Service

Moving with industry trends we provide a monthly subscription service that you’re not tied into.



your secret fee earner


Softlog seamlessly integrates with your practice management system. Gone are the days of manual capturing – Softlog automates the capturing of all professional services costs. 


This watertight system ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Giving you a bird’s eye view of your company’s communications – whether billable or non-billable. 


Softlog was designed from inception as a cost recovery system, and is grounded by two decades of development. Because it was designed to do only this, and do it well, it’s the only system of its calibre. 



Small Firm

R500 000 / year

from just

R2 000 /month

Medium Firm

R2 000 000 / year

from just

R5 000 / month

Large Firm

R5 000 000 + / year

from just

R10 000 / month